iPhone 4S – Coming Soon to China Telecom?

iPhone 4S – Coming Soon to China Telecom?

China Telecom has begun putting up large promotion posters for the iPhone 4S in their retail stores, reports Penn-Olson, suggesting that the carrier may soon begin offering the device.

The posters, as pictured above, are mainly attention-grabbers, as the device hasn’t been announced to launch on China Telecom yet, although it’s likely that they will eventually begin offering the device.

The iPhone 4S hasn’t yet launched in China, the world’s largest mobile market, and no announcement has been made about when the Chinese launch will occur.

China Telecom is China’s third largest carrier, with just over 120 million subscribers, and if they do get the iPhone 4S, they’ll join Apple’s current China carrier partner China Unicom, creating a combined market of over 740 million customers for the iPhone 4S.

  1. K d says:

    China’s current partner is china Unicom not china mobile

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