iTunes Match Set for 2012 UK Release

iTunes Match Set for 2012 UK Release

iTunes Match has gone live in the US, but it could be a little while longer before the service comes to the U.K., reports CNET. Apple stated at its iPhone 4S event that it was working hard to bring the music matching service to other countries before the end of the year, but with the delay that iTunes Match had in the US, the UK may not see the service until the start of 2012.

This is a disappointing piece of news for iTunes users in the UK, especially since it seems pretty good from early reviews in the US. In case you haven’t been following, iTunes Match is a music syncing service, and for 25$, Apple will sync your entire music library with iTunes (and upgrade your music in many cases), which you can then access through iCloud on any Mac or iOS device linked with your Apple ID.


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