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Mozilla Releases Firefox 9 Beta With ‘Lion Look and Feel’

Mozilla Releases Firefox 9 Beta With ‘Lion Look and Feel’

Following Mozilla’s recent release of Firefox 8, the company has now released the first public beta of their next major update, Firefox 9, available to download. Among other things, Firefox 9 will sport a new look to better match the look and feel of OS X Lion.

Mozilla has been anything but swift in updating Firefox with full Lion support – Firefox 8 still doesn’t support all of Lion’s new features, for instance. Nevertheless, in keeping with their insanely fast release schedule, Firefox 9 is due out in just a few weeks.

According to Mozilla, the browser will include ”a new look that matches the Mac OS X Lion application toolbar and icon styles”. The release notes refer to the changes as improved “theme integration’ for Lion.

Among the main Lion features that Mozilla has yet to include are natural scrolling and full-screen mode. It remains to be seen whether they plan to include these features in Firefox 9.

Firefox 9 beta is available now, and can be downloaded over at Mozilla’s website.

  1. I don’t understand why Mozilla has to roll out a new version of Firefox every month.

  2. Chris says:

    I’m all for the fast release schedule of Firefox, but I too am surprised at how long it has taken them to support Lion.  The FF9Beta Lion features leave much to be desired.  I’ve been using Safari since Lion came out (after being a long-time Firefox user), and I have no plans on switching back to Firefox until they come out with natural swipe and full-screen support.  I only open it up for the few times where I need an extension to do what I want.

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