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Apple Through the Ages: My Top 5 Apple Keynotes of All Time

Apple Through the Ages: My Top 5 Apple Keynotes of All Time

One of the main things Apple are best known for are their keynotes to introduce products. They’ve done a countless number over time, and I thought I’d reveal which are my five favorite ones.

5) iMac G4, 2002

The iMac G4 is easily, in my opinion, the most beautiful product Apple has ever made. If there is one Apple product that I don’t have and that I want it’s this, and I’m seriously thinking of buying one. It was a completely groundbreaking design, and the keynote was great. Everybody arrived wondering what Apple were going to do next after the success of the original iMac, and they responded with a phenomenal unveiling of the iMac G4.

4) iPad, 2010

The world officially entered the post-PC era with this presentation, and Steve Jobs built it up brilliantly, and he even managed to dismiss netbooks, so it really was fantastic. There had never been so much anticipation and trepidation before an Apple event, and this didn’t disappoint.

3) iMac, 1998

Apple were in a pretty bad state when Jobs’ released the iMac, but this completely changed things. It was his first product since returning to Apple in 1997, and the keynote was really stunning. The hello (again) on the screen was a really nice touch.

2) iPhone, 2007

This is really close to being my favourite ever. The way Jobs set it up, with the 3 new products all rolled into one, and also how he looked at the market was genius. The iPhone is considered by many to be the gadget of the decade, and this keynote was a phenomenal way to introduce it.

1) iPod, 2001

This had absolutely everything, and that’s why it has to be number 1. The keynote was in a reasonably small room in comparison with previous keynote locations, but the magnitude of what happened there changed music forever. Jobs only unveiled the product at the very last minute: he described every single feature before showing what it looked like, and it was a complete masterclass.