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Project Black Mirror: Controlling Siri Using Only Your Mind

Project Black Mirror: Controlling Siri Using Only Your Mind

*Update: Debunked. Scroll to the bottom for an expert opinion on why Project Black Mirror is nothing but a hoax.

This Siri is incredibly useful, and has certainly been extremely popular, but IntoMobile reports that the researchers behind Project Black Mirror have taken things to the next level – controlling Siri using only their minds.

Have you ever wished your iPhone could read your mind? Project Black Mirror has actually made this a reality, using a custom setup consisting of an Arduino board, a MacBook Pro, and ECG pads, Project Black Mirror captures your brain waves, translates them into verbal commands, and then uses them to control an iPhone 4S through Siri.

In essence, the project enables you to use your iPhone 4S to make a call, set up an appointment, or look up information by activating Siri and merely thinking the command. The iPhone does the rest.

What’s even more amazing is that it actually seems to work. But despite the promising results seen in the below video clip, the system isn’t exactly practical yet. Project Black Mirror is working to polish the system, and make it available to the general public through Kickstarter.

I certainly hope they’re successful, if for no other reason than I really, really want this. You can find more details over at IntoMobile, or visit Project Black Mirror’s blog for continued updates. Check out the below clip to see it in action.

Update: According to Trevor Coleman, a thought-controlled computing expert and Chief Operating Officer of InteraXon, this is nothing more than a hoax, and the way they have their prototype set up would make it impossible for the device to work.

Besides the impossible circuit board used in the demo, Coleman reveals a host of other serious problems with the project, and reveals why it is nothing more than a hoax that makes it much more difficult for legitimate projects to gain traction. Check out his full post debunking Project Black Mirror here.