Replacements Now Arriving for Faulty 1st-Gen iPod Nanos

Replacements Now Arriving for Faulty 1st-Gen iPod Nanos

Replacement first generation iPod Nanos are now arriving, after Apple launched a worldwide recall program when some models were diagnosed with potentially serious battery issues. As we previously reported, the replacements are in fact refurbished first generation Nanos, with the same specifications as the ones that were sent in.

As these customer photos show, any personal engravings were removed, and new cases and batteries were installed. This is rather disappointing to many customers, who were hoping for a current-generation nano. A customer had this to say about the replacement:

I wanted to pass along some info about the iPod Nano exchange program Apple started over the weekend. I just received the replacement and it is an exact replacement. No upgrade. Same capacity and everything. The only upside is that it is “new” (probably refurbished), so it’s clean in comparison to my old one.

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