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Hand-Drawn Floor Plan of Apple’s 70s HQ Rediscovered

Hand-Drawn Floor Plan of Apple’s 70s HQ Rediscovered

A sketch of Apple’s 70s HQ has been rediscovered after three decades. Chris Espinosa, a former Apple employee and programmer discovered the sketch while going through an old file. It reveals the complete layout of Apple’s relatively small office at Bandley Drive, Cupertino and gives an interesting insight as to what it was like at the time.

Steve Jobs’ office is shown as being next to Mike Markkula’s, who was Apple’s former marketing vice-president. Steve Wozniak’s office is across the floor in the software section of the office. A large production area was situated near Jobs’ office. The lunch room was also relatively nearby.

These headquarters are nothing like today’s at 1 Infinite Loop, Cupertino (above), where a huge number of testing and top of the range design facilities are present. Looking at this sketch and comparing it to now really gives you a good idea of just how much and how quickly Apple has grown.


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