Apple Hits ‘All-Time High’ With Their New ‘iToke’ (Humor)

Apple Hits ‘All-Time High’ With Their New ‘iToke’ (Humor)

The clever pranksters over at Scoopertino have done it again, this time breaking the “news” of Apple’s latest “magical” product, the iToke! As Scoopertino puts it, “Getting stoned has never been simpler.”

The new iToke features a USB-powered heating element, delivering “instant on” performance, and beats its competitors into all areas where marijuana has been legalized. Click the above image for a larger version of the “ad”. From Scoopertino:

iToke looks like a small pipe, but that’s where the similarities end. Its built-in USB connector serves as…a direct pathway to your lungs. So you can enjoy instant-on reefer throughout the day — up to seven hours smoke time on a single charge. iToke is part of a new ecosystem, what Apple is calling a “walled ghanja garden.”

Of course, the iToke only accepts Apple’s iWeed refills, which come in 10 paperless sticks, so you won’t need to roll your own. Curiously, Apple’s engineers also insisted on testing the iToke much more often and extensively than any Apple product in history!

See the full piece over at Scoopertino.

  1. I’m waiting for the Weed Master Pro™

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