iPad and iPhone Turning Into Toys this Holiday Season

iPad and iPhone Turning Into Toys this Holiday Season

The iPad and iPhone are normally seen as fairly refined technological devices, but this holiday season, toy companies are turning to Apple’s devices as a platform for their products, Associated Press reports.

You can now acquire a wide variety of toys for the iPhone and iPad, from the AppBlaster (pictured) to the Crayola iMarker, which allows the user to fill in a digital colouring book, which parents can download.

Tiffany Fessler, a parent from Gainsville Ga., had this to say about the new uses for Apple’s devices:

“When you have a screaming toddler in a restaurant or any public area, you want to have something to calm him down with, this is just another way to keep him entertained.”

Other available toys for the iOS devices include a remote controlled helicopter, and, you could have guessed it, a karaoke machine. Parents be warned: you could be seeing very little of your iPad or iPhone this holiday season!