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iPhone 4S Listed as One of the Biggest Flops of the Year

iPhone 4S Listed as One of the Biggest Flops of the Year

Despite some initial disappointment from fans expecting a redesigned iPhone 5, the iPhone 4S has been anything but a disappointment, breaking sales records at Apple and U.S. wireless carriers, and remaining in high demand long after its release.

Indeed, it’s difficult to look at the iPhone 4S as anything but a tremendous success – in fact, the most sucessful iPhone that Apple has ever shipped. Unfortunately, as iDownloadBlog points out, that didn’t stop tecca‘s Taylor Hatmaker from listing the device as one of the biggest tech flops of 2011.

Yup. There are still people out there that are pissed off that Apple didn’t release a time-traveling titanium iPhone 5. Despite the fact that the iPhone 4S is the year’s best-selling smartphone, and one of the best selling tech products ever.

While it’s no flop when it comes to sales figures, the iPhone 4S remains one of 2011′s biggest consumer letdowns […] It’s tough to not be disappointed by the iconic company’s most recent handset […] it’s still one of the fastest, best looking smartphones on the block — but it’s no iPhone 5. After spending the better part of the year salivating over a reinvented iphone with a larger screen, a thinner profile, and other untold Apple-flavored wonders, Apple aficionados were presented with the iPhone 4S — a nominal upgrade over the previous model that touted the now much-parodied Siri app as its main selling point.

Not only that, but it didn’t come with a free unicorn. Frankly, anyone who would call the iPhone 4S a flop simply because they got overexcited about a product that was yet to be released should probably have their head examined.

I admit, I was leading the “iPhone 5” charge right up to the end. And then, when Apple released the iPhone 4S, I was thrilled to see a great new device – an incredible new version of the iPhone 4 I already loved.

Expectations aside, considering that Hatmaker admitted that the iPhone 4S is not a flop in sales, and further admitted that the hardware isn’t so shabby either, what’s exactly makes it a flop? Nothing.

Sheer nonsense.