iPhone Used to Capture Attempted Murder on Video

iPhone Used to Capture Attempted Murder on Video

It was a sunny day in Florida when Salvatore Miglino stopped by his former mother-in-law’s house to pick up his son for a court-scheduled visitation. Suspecting there may be trouble, Miglino discretely began recording video through his iPhone, reports AllVoices.

As it turns out, that video became pretty important. His ex-wife’s 66-year-old mother ended up going ballistic, pulled out a .22 pistol and shot Miglino three times in the shoulder and ribs before the pistol jammed.

Miglino dropped to the ground, screaming “I can’t believe you shot me!” and cursing. Miglino was later able to use the video to verify his story, and to convince police of exactly how the situation went down, despite the mother-in-law’s claims that it was Miglino who tried to shoot her.

I’m sure Miglino didn’t know just how useful that video would be, corroborating his side of the story and showing police the truth of the matter. It’s pretty horrifying that you need a video recording to defend against the insane claims of a 66-year-old woman, however.

You can see his entire video below (don’t worry – it’s not graphic and doesn’t show anything overly disturbing):

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