Mac Tip: Delete Vs Backspace

Mac Tip: Delete Vs Backspace

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How To: Delete Vs Backspace

If you’re new to the Mac platform you will have no doubt noticed some differences from the offerings of competing operating systems such as Linux and Windows.

Apple uses delete where other platforms tend to use backspace.

However, don’t get confused with the terminology. Delete does exactly the same task on a Mac as backspace does on a competing platform.

That said there are a few options for new users to consider.

On the standard Apple wireless keyboard pressing delete will remove the content before the flashing cursor to the left hand side. However, if you press the fn key and then delete it will remove content in front of the cursor towards the right.

Alternatively, users with an Apple Extended Keyboard have a dedicated delete key therefore removing the need to hit the fn key before delete.

Delete Key
Press delete to remove content to the left of the cursor.
Press fn + delete to remove content to the right of the cursor.
On Apple Extended Keyboards there is a dedicated delete key.

  1. JonA says:

    Delete sounds so much more badass than backspace. Odds are when you make a mistake your not looking to delicately backspace it from your life…. YOU DELETE IT 

    1. STL says:

      Mac has it right again

    2. ANON says:


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