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Nokia: Youth are Fed Up With iPhone, Baffled by Android

Nokia: Youth are Fed Up With iPhone, Baffled by Android

A Nokia executive claims that today’s youth are fed up with iPhone, and baffled by Android, and that many youth are beginning to turn to Windows Phone as an alternative.
In an exclusive interview with Pocket-lint, Niels Munksgaard, director of Portfolio, Product Marketing & Sales at Nokia Entertainment Global explained his view of the phone market:

“What we see is that youth are pretty much fed up with iPhones. Everyone has the iPhone,” he said. “Also, many are not happy with the complexity of Android and the lack of security. So we do increasing see that the youth that wants to be on the cutting edge and try something new are turning to the Windows phone platform.”

So, to paraphrase an old Yogi Berra quote: “Nobody buys iPhones any more, they’re too popular.”

“The marketplace is extremely crowded. I refer to it as the sea of sameness,” Munksgaard added. “When you walk up to a retail shelf at Phones4U and see the number of black mono-blocks sitting on the shelf, it is very confusing to the consumer. We want to deliver services and phones that are different.”

Nokia’s “different” approach includes services such as Nokia Mix Radio. With it, users get music straight out of the box, with no sign up and no monthly fees. This music service, along with mapping, and new smartphone designs like the Nokia Lumia 800, that Nokia is hoping will help them stand out from the crowd.

Perhaps Nokia could start promoting their new phone with the line: “The new Nokia Lumia 800. Have the phone none of your friends have. And none of their friends have, and none of their friends have, and so on, and so on, and so on….”