Review: BuzzE – A New Way to be Social

Review: BuzzE – A New Way to be Social

There are plenty of “social apps” available for iOS devices, but BuzzE (free, App Store link) looks to go that extra step by allowing you to meet new friends who are geographically close to you, or stay in touch with friends who are just “close to you”.


The creators of BuzzE, “Frendz LLC” describe the app this way:

BuzzE is an exciting new social networking app that lets you interact with people nearby and around the world. It is totally gimmick free! You never have to worry about paying for features or purchasing points like you do with other social apps. Use BuzzE for making friends, dating, and networking in a clean safe environment where bad behavior is not tolerated.

Features of BuzzE are:

  • Chat with other users from around the corner or around the world.
  • Exchange video, audio and pictures!
  • Send virtual gifts to other BuzzE users. Discover and unlock more hidden gifts as you use BuzzE! A new gift is also added each Tuesday, upon your Tuesday log-in. But we don’t “sell” you the option to gift. It’s completely free & unlimited!
  • Play games to break the ice! “How Hot Are We” lets you compare your interests and views on different topics. After the game, you can talk about why you made your parents cry when you were little or why you would never go to a nude beach!
  • Post comments to other user’s status posts! Exchange ideas and banter back and forth with the entire BuzzE community about your thought of the day.

I went online with BuzzE for an afternoon, and I was pleased at how well the application “just worked”. I signed up (easy to do in-app) and checked for “Nearby” users. The closest to me was 343.0 miles. Which, considering he likes to use a photo of himself with his shirt off as his avatar, is probably for the best. This feature is especially nice. If you discover someone nearby, say at the same watering hole you’re currently at, you can “Buzz” them. If they decide to “Buzz” you back, you can perhaps meet in person, or if they decide they don’t want to do a face-to-face, it ends there.

I then fleshed out my profile a little, just to give people an idea of what they might be in for if they struck up a chat with me, and then explored the rest of the app.

One area of the app I think could be useful is the “Events” section. “Events” gives you a list of happenings in your area. One problem with the list is it seems to list the same event multiple times. This could be from multiple users entering the same event.

Another nice feature is “Hot Spots”. Using your location information, “Hot Spots” displays a map showing what I assume are “happening” locations, places you might want to visit in search of fun. Unfortunately, there were no “Hot Spots” anywhere in my city of Phoenix. Yes, Virginia, the Snowbirds are back in town.

During my exploration, I did receive a few “alerts” telling me other users had sent me messages. Unlike other social apps I’ve used, these messages were from genuinely nice people, just wanting to chat, and see if we had anything in common. I mentioned to one user that it was my first time with the app, and she showed me a few features, like gifting, (free, as everything seems to be in the app,) voice messages, and how to send a photo.

Another feature I liked was the “Game” feature. It allows you to play games with your friends, (3 were listed when I was on.) The games seem to be designed to allow you to learn more about your online friends, both old and new.

The publisher says on the App Store that, “Our Moderators are online to keep BuzzE fun & flirty – not Pervy! With our all ages Chat App. If you have been looking for a fun friendly smart environment to meet people, laugh, and just brighten your day BuzzE is it.” It was my experience while using the app that everyone I had interaction with was there for having fun, and nothing pervy or weird like on other social apps.


If you’re looking for an original social networking app that’s fun to use, and has some original features, and has a clean and easy to use interface, and has what seems to be a safe environment, BuzzE could be worth a look. I originally loaded it on my iPhone just for this review, but I’ll be keeping it on the device for awhile.

BuzzE is immediately available in the App Store. (Free, App Store link)

Rating: 4.5/5[rating:4.5]


  • Easy to sign up and use.
  • The program rewards you with little “gifts” for performing certain things, like inviting a friend to join. Silly, but fun!
  • The events list is a great idea, I found a couple of holiday events nearby I just might attend.
  • The idea that online moderators are watching over the proceedings makes me feel better. You can report any “pervy” actions.
  • The video and audio features are fun, and easy to use.


  • The iAd banner at the bottom has a tendency to sometimes show up as you’re selecting the chat box, that puts you into an ad. It doesn’t happen often, and I suppose the ads are a necessary evil to keep the app and it’s features free.
  • It’s too easy to cancel a gift, buzz, or message before you mean to, but that could just be my fat thumbs.
  • The same event shows up multiple times in the Nearby Events list, but may be from multiple users entering the same event.