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Schmidt: Android is Already Way Ahead of iOS (Video)

Schmidt: Android is Already Way Ahead of iOS (Video)

Everyone’s favorite outspoken Google chairman Eric Schmidt has once again pulled out the big guns, claiming that Android is already far ahead of iOS, and that Google will take over the TV industry.

Speaking yesterday at Le Web in Paris, reports TechCrunch, Schmidt talks politics, Google’s fast acquisition pace, and more, offering plenty of showy and optimistic statements.

In discussing the Android vs. iOS race, Schmidt stated “It is much easier to start a revolution, but it is harder to finish it.” He gets even more punchy later in the interview (at around the 37 minute mark):

Android is ahead of iOS already. In terms of unit volume, new ICS features, prices are lower, with more vendors, more pricepoints – do I need to continue the list?

Unfortunately, he forgot to mention the other things Android has that iOS doesn’t: A laggier interface and a serious problem with malware and security.

He continues to predict that “By the summer of 2012, the majority of the televisions you see will have Google TV embedded in it. A similar strategy to what we did with Android. The price is free from Google, so you are only paying for the television.”

Bold statements. Say what you will about Eric Schmidt – at least the guy has guts! You can check out the entire interview below: