McAfee: iOS is Far Safer than Google’s Malware-Laden Android

Posted in Apple News, iOS on 07/12/2011 by J. Glenn Künzler


McAfee has released their latest mobile security report, concluding that Apple’s iOS far outshines Android (which is more prone to malware than any other platform) for safety and security, but that all mobile users should still use caution.

The report notes that Apple has done especially well in securing their devices, as there has not been a single case of malware affecting iPhones (which McAfee attributes to Apple’s “closed” App Store).

Google on the other hand, who uses an open and relatively restriction-free app distribution system, by allowing users to directly download apps from third-party sites, is riddled with malware, unstable apps, and security concerns.

Even on the Google-managed Android Market (with very few quality or security checks in place), numerous malicious apps have surfaced (as there are very few quality or security checks in place). Google even recently had to sweep 58 apps from its app store to eradicate an especially nasty piece of malware called DroidDream.

The final danger, reports McAfee, is each company’s approach to defending against Malware:

Apple’s approach is proactive and focused on prevention. Google’s plan is apparently to encourage the creation of apps and deal with the problems as they occur, in a reactive fashion. Google’s may be a sensible move to generate a large volume and wide variety of apps, but from the security perspective it creates exactly the kind of environment in which malware gangs feel comfortable.

This is just one of many reports from McAfee reports to ding Android for its extremely high rate of malware and other security risks.


J. Glenn Künzler

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