Second iPhone 4 Self-Combusts in Brazil

Second iPhone 4 Self-Combusts in Brazil

Following a report from a few days ago of an iPhone self-combusting on an Australian flight, a second iPhone user in Brazil now says the same thing happened to him – except the iPhone was only a foot from his face!

RedmondPie reports that the device was plugged in and charging just a foot from the owner’s face when it suddenly began to smolder and smoke.

As you can see from the above image, the iPhone doesn’t look so good. Of course, I wouldn’t look so good either if I had just self-combusted!

While this is the second report of something like this happening in the course of a week, it’s important to remember that in reality, this is an extremely rare occurrence. So rare, in fact, that it will likely never be seen by Apple as a problem.

In all reality, it’s likely got nothing to do with Apple or the iPhone – these sorts of problems are usually related to the battery, so virtually all portable electronic devices are vulnerable to this rare defect.

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