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Steve Jobs Flips IBM the Bird in This Rare 1983 Photo

Steve Jobs Flips IBM the Bird in This Rare 1983 Photo

While Steve Jobs was often known to be somewhat of a rebel, it’s rarely made so obvious as in this 1983 photograph taken by Jean Pigozzi, which shows Jobs flipping off IBM at one of their New York buildings.

The photo, pointed out by CultofMac, certainly conveys the rebellious spirit that Jobs was known for through the years, especially in his younger years. The image was posted by original Macintosh team member Andy Hertzfield in a recent Google+ update:

In memoriam for Steve Jobs as 2011 draws to a close, here’s one more rare photo that illustrates his rebellious spirit. In December 1983, a few weeks before the Mac launch, we made a quick trip to New York City to meet with Newsweek, who was considering doing a cover story on the Mac. The photo was taken spontaneously as we walked around Manhattan by Jean Pigozzi, a wild French jet setter who was hanging out with us at the time. Somehow I ended up with a copy of it.

It’s a great photo, and I’m thrilled that Hertzfield decided to share it with the world. His editor originally wanted Hertzfield to include the photo in his book, Revolution in the Valley: The Insanely Great Story of How the Mac Was Made, but was too timid to ask Steve Jobs for permission at the time.

  1. Bearav101 says:

    Slight miss on your part, Jean Pigozzi took the photo not Herztfield as you first state in the start of the article. Nice pic though.

    1. Thanks for pointing it out!

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