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Big Bang Theory Airs Full Episode About ‘Sexy Siri’

Big Bang Theory Airs Full Episode About ‘Sexy Siri’

Siri was the guest star in last Thursday’s episode of “The Big Bang Theory”. Raj, one of the featured characters on the show, gets an iPhone 4S and soon, as so many of us have, he falls in love with Siri, the device’s personal assistant.

From the electronista article:

Apple got more than a few endorsements this week after The Big Bang Theory made Siri a core part of an episode’s plot line. Raj gets an iPhone 4S and quickly falls in love with it, since it appears to respond to every romantic question he has. It agrees to call him “sexy” and suggests places to that he imagines being places for a date.

Everyone else is more than slightly edgy around Raj’s apparent ‘relationship,’ leading Sheldon to make fun of his friend for wanting to keep his “taboo love” a secret.

The experience is sped up in the episode, but the show’s writers seemed to take care to use commands that actually work with Siri, rather than inventing commands to fit the plot of the show.

At the end of the episode, Raj dreams that Siri is an actual beautiful redhead, (YES!) and is at a loss for words when she offers to make love with him. (The Raj character is famously speechless around real women.)


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