Dijit Universal Remote for iPad Hits the App Store

Dijit Universal Remote for iPad Hits the App Store

Dijit’s universal remote app has finally arrived on iOS for both iPhone and iPad (free, App Store link). The app combines a large-screen universal remote with social features to help you share what you’re watching.

Dijit gives you a perfectly customizable remote control interface, where you decide exactly which buttons appear when you want them to. No more squinting at 73 identically shaped buttons on your remote, just the ones you want and need.


In addition to the remote control, the Dijit Guide delivers a customized electronic program guide (EPG) for your personal TV channel lineup. […] From there you can quickly prune your guide to just show the channels and shows you like to watch, and hide all the rest. Even better, you can connect to Facebook and get TV recommendations automatically from your friends. The Dijit Guide also includes Social TV features, such as YouTube, Twitter chat and social “check-ins” to your favorite shows.

The company has been teasing for some time about an iPad-optimized version of their remote control app, and has now delivered as promised with a universal app that works on all iOS devices.

The app can communicate with either a Griffin Beacon universal IR adapter or a compatible Roku device for direct control. In addition to its remote control functionality, the app also makes it easy to share your TV activity on Facebook and Twitter, as well as manage your Netflix que.

Dijit is available immediate as a free download from the App Store (link).