iPhone Makes Up 81% of AT&T Smartphone Sales

iPhone Makes Up 81% of AT&T Smartphone Sales

Wireless carrier AT&T posted their Q4 2011 results this morning, placing a particular emphasis on smartphone sales. The carrier achieved all-time record sales of 9.4 million devices – a whopping 50% increase over their previous record. Even more interesting, however, is that nearly 81% of those were iPhones!

Both iPhone and Android device sales set records. During the quarter, more than 7.6 million iPhones were activated, the majority of which were iPhone 4S, which went on sale Oct. 14, and more than twice as many Android smartphones were sold versus the fourth quarter a year ago.

AT&T points out that both iPhone and Android sales saw all-time record numbers, but the iPhone 4S launched pushed Apple way ahead of the pack. So far ahead, in fact, that the carrier’s iPhone sales alone would represent an all-time high for total device sales across all smartphones.

Of course, AT&T suggests that the iPhone is so successful due to their faster data network. The better processor and graphics, incredible camera, and Siri obviously had nothing to do with it. Obviously.



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