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Mac Tip: Terminal – Star Wars: A New Hope

Mac Tip: Terminal – Star Wars: A New Hope

This Mac tip is provided by Mark Greentree and was originally posted on Mark’s blog – Everyday Mac Support. For more of Mark’s tips visit his site, follow him on Twitter, or browse his archive of posts here.

How To: Watch Star Wars: A New Hope In The Terminal

If you’re a Star Wars fan then you would most probably be aware of the text based Star Wars Episode 4 – A New Hope.

If not then this tip will show you how to load and watch it.

In order to do this we will need to use Terminal. To locate Terminal simply navigate to Applications > Utilities and you will locate Terminal.

Simply launch and then enter the following followed by return:

telnet towel.blinkenlights.nl

All you need to do is wait for about 30 seconds to a minute and the text version of Star Wars will play in your Terminal window allowing you to relive the wonder that is Star Wars anywhere…and because their is no sound your boss won’t know you are actually watching it!

Warning: Terminal commands have the ability to change the running operation of your Mac. Please copy and paste the Terminal command as shown directly from the article. Mistakes in keystokes can cause your Mac to perform differently and may in-fact result in a loss of data. It is advised that you only use the Terminal if you feel comfortable with the command line interface. If you are ever unsure please consult your local tech support person.

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