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  • Review: Crazy Hedgy – Roll Your Way Through This Excellent 3D Adventure

Review: Crazy Hedgy – Roll Your Way Through This Excellent 3D Adventure

Review: Crazy Hedgy – Roll Your Way Through This Excellent 3D Adventure

When I first started to play Crazy Hedgy ($1.99 App Store Link), I had imagined that it would be a killer app – t the game certainly has that kind of potential. Developed by Cybertime Games, Crazy Hedgy is a mix of Jump n Run, action, and adventure. If you’ve ever played Super Monkey Ball or crash Bandicoot, the gameplay in Crazy Hedgy should be familiar.

When designing a 3D platformer for iOS, especially for the iPhone or iPod touch, there are a lot of things you have to take into consideration. For instance, if the control scheme is spread out enough, as well as the layout of the levels, and placement of certain objects. Crazy Hedgy achieves all this and more, making it one of the best platform adventure games for iOS.


The gameplay of Crazy Hedgy is pretty simple. You fight and jump your way through over 35 levels while collecting gems and coins. There are plenty of gems scattered throughout the levels, with crates every now and then that have gems or coins to collect, or fruit to gain your health back. Hedgy has to jump his way through trampolines, avoid spikes, and battle numerous enemies, and can punch enemies or jump on them to defeat them.

There aren’t any in-app purchases in the game. The only way to upgrade is from the gems and coins you collect and then purchase in the item shop such as grab attacks, a super helmet, power gloves, and bubble gum to use against your enemies. There isn’t much of a storyline in Crazy hedgy, but the main premise is that something is wrong in Geen Hedges, and you have to fight you way through to the end to find out what it is.

The game is a linear platformer which is a good change of pace from side scrollers or overhead adventure games. Something pretty cool that Cybertime Games has done with the enemies is that you can make them turn on one another and start attacking each other. Crazy Hedgy offers around 10 hours of gameplay in story mode. Unlocking arena mode requires 25 coins.

In Crazy Hedgy there are also traps to avoid or take out, as well as trees you have to avoid that come charging at you the last minute. To avoid these, a button comes up on screen to jump or dodge out of the way. As you progress through the game, of course it will get harder, and you might want to get some things from the item shop to help you out, although I found the game fairly easy, besides play some levels over, I didn’t have the need to upgrade any abilities or get add-ons.


The controls in Crazy Hedgy are what set the game apart and make the gameplay even more fun. You control Edgy using the accelerometer. It works really well, and even better than other games that use tilt control such as Super Monkey Ball. At the beginning of each level, the game calibrates to make the tilting work better.

You don’t feel as if your device is tilted too much or not enough. Taping on the left side makes Hedgy punch, grad enemies, or slide attack, and tapping on the right makes him jump. You also quick dodge while avoiding logs by tapping once, then the second for the next log. The controls are as simple as can be, once in a while the camera can get in the way, which can make gameplay difficult.


The graphics of Crazy Hedgy are very vibrant and colorful. Cybertime Games have done a great job with the the characters and all the levels. The game looks nearly console quality and it makes great use of iPhone’s retina display. Crazy Hedgy also features Bloom effects and light rays, which produce very detailed light around objects and images. All the animations look great and are really engaging and fun, especially when the badies turn on each other. Crazy Hedgy is one of the most visually stunning 3D platformers on the App Store.


Overall, Crazy Hedgy is a pretty fun game that has  a lot to offer. With more than 35 levels and 10 hours of gameplay, it’s well worth the $1.99 price tag, especially because there aren’t many linear games on the App Store. With the great addition of the tilt and action controls, Crazy Hedgy is a an easy game to pick up and play. The only thing I find a bit disappointing is the level design. The levels can get repetitive at times, but the game is still a lot of fun to play. That doesn’t keep the game from being a solid addition for anyone, no matter if  you’re a casual ro hardcore gamer.

Price: ($1.99 App Store Link)

Rating: 4.5/5[rating:4.5]


  • 35+ levels and over 10 hours of gameplay
  • Great tilt controls
  • A good selection of upgrades in the item shop


  • Level design can be more creative
  • Camera could be more tight