Review: Maglus Stylus for iPad 2

Review: Maglus Stylus for iPad 2

When Apple introduced the iPhone, the era of the stylus ended abruptly. People started using the most natural tool to navigate – their fingers. But when the iPad came, it also handled a different area of usage – writing and painting. Today I’m reviewing a stylus called Maglus (€20, link) intended to address these areas.


Maglus is a simple, magnetic stylus with a softer rubber top that fits well in the palm of your hand and gives a good precision when using it in painting apps.

Look and feel

The stylus has got a straight-forward design, sturdy feel and as previously mentioned it has also got a soft rubber top which provides good precision to the stylus. Overall, the stylus gives a nice and professional feel when first picking it up.


For me, the iPad is supposed to be handled and used only with fingers, but ever since I bought Penultimate (review) I’ve been thinking about how well the app would work with a stylus. So with that said, how well is Maglus doing the job?

The Maglus stylus gives a great precision when using for painting or writing in an app like Penultimate and it does exactly what I would expect it to. Having that said, I am not comfortable with using a stylus when surfing the web, using the built-in keyboard or navigating in general. It just doesn’t feel natural.


Rating 3/5[rating:3]

The Maglus stylus definitely does the job. It is great for painting, making short notes and in general writing using apps that gives you a “digital paper”. But the areas of usage are few, and bringing the stylus just for the painting part could be a bit of a hassle. It’s all up to the user. But if you’re interested in buying a stylus for your iPad – don’t hesitate, Maglus is great (€20, link)!


  • Great for painting
  • Sturdy feel


  • Price
  • Areas of usage are few

  1. Brendan says:

    I have this stylus I would give it 5 out of 5, I use this stylus for painting and drawing on my iPad seriously accurate. Thanks Brendan from sunny South Africa

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