Review and Giveaway: XtremeMac Zip Folio for iPad

Review and Giveaway: XtremeMac Zip Folio for iPad

I’ve used and reviewed a lot of cases for the iPad 2, each of which I like for different reasons. I recently took the new XtremeMac Zip Folio for iPad 2 ($49.99, link) with me to CES 2012, and was extremely impressed with its professionalism and usefulness as an organizational tool.


The XtremeMac Zip Folio is a new addition to the company’s product lineup, and has plenty to offer as a professional tool for the iPad 2. Constructed of genuine leather, the Zip Folio both looks great and is extremely durable, and features plenty of pockets and flaps to keep all of your documents, schedules, and business cards organized whether you’re attending a board meeting or traversing a crowded convention show floor.


One of the things that really sets the XtremeMac Zip Folio apart is its exceptional design. I don’t normally like zippered products for my iPad (or MacBook for that matter), because I worry that the zipper could rub against and scratch my device. The XtremeMac prevents any concern in this area by preventing any direct contact between your iPad and the outer zipper.

XtremeMac’s zip folio securely cradles your iPad by locking it in place with a fold of leather that secures underneath your iPad, and due to the ideal thickness of the build-in iPad slot, prevents your iPad from sliding around while in the case, all the while maintaining access to all of the iPad’s ports and switches.

The built-in organization panel of the opposite side of the folio is large enough to hold a variety of papers, such as travel information and boarding passes, and is spaced away from the iPad enough that when the folio is closed, neither the leather nor your important documents rub against your device’s screen.

Quality and Usability

Besides feeling great in your hand and protecting your iPad, the XtremeMac Zip Folio is also extremely light. It doesn’t add significantly to the weight of your iPad, which is ideal if you plan on frequently carrying your device within the folio.

The zipper is also heavy-duty, and extremely well built. It’s both extremely easy to pull, and is built well enough to prevent separating even with some rough handling – which mine certainly saw while I was attending the convention.


For its professional appearance, lightness, usefulness and excellent design, I highly recommend the XtremeMac Zip Folio to anyone who wants to bring a professional look to their iPad, and its built-in organizational features make it ideal for storing a variety of business cards and documents for use throughout the day, although I did at times wish it was also built to hold a paper notepad for quickly jotting down ideas or information.

Rating & Conclusion

Rating: 4.5/5[rating:4.5]

In general, I found the XtremeMac Zip Folio for iPad 2 to be a simple and effective solution for keeping important papers at hand, while bringing a more professional look to the iPad. As such, I award the product a 4.5 out of 5, deducting slightly for its lack of a built-in notepad (or at least a slot for including one yourself.)

For more information, or to purchase the XtremeMac Zip Folio for iPad 2 ($49.99), head on over to XtremeMac’s product page on the web.


  • Affordable
  • Elegant and lightweight design
  • Great built-in organization features
  • Products against drops, scratches and dirt
  • Preserves access to ports, switches, and rear camera


  • Doesn’t include a notepad, or a convenient slot for inserting one