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Shazam Launches New ‘Shazam Player’ App for iPhone and iPod touch

Shazam Launches New ‘Shazam Player’ App for iPhone and iPod touch

Most people are familiar with the Shazam app that let’s you identify the name of the song being currently played, but now Shazam has launched a new app. It’s called “Shazam Player”, and it aims to be a more feature packed alternative to playing music on your device.

9to5Mac reports:

…Shazam Player offers options like streaming lyrics; tour dates from artists, YouTube videos, artist biographies, and even the ability to buy new tracks from iTunes within the app.

Besides the ability to play music, Shazam Player can also identify songs similar to the original Shazam app. From there, you can launch iTunes from within the app to preview or purchase the song. You can share music with your Facebook and Twitter friends. The ability to view tour dates and bios from your favorite artists right within the app is very cool.

While not as lightweight as the default iOS music player, Shazam Player does add a great list of features. If you’re a music fan, this might be worth a look.

Try Shazam Player is available now, free in the App Store.

  1. Alexcohenza says:

    Has anyone found that Lyric Play doesn’t support ANY of their songs? Does it only support songs that have been purchased through iTunes?

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