Apple Leads Competition in Support and Customer Satisfaction

Apple Leads Competition in Support and Customer Satisfaction

Apple is well-known for having exceptional customer service and great customer satisfaction ratings. And according to the latest numbers, Apple continues to lead the pack in both the tablet and PC markets.

A new report from ChangeWave shows that Apple continues to have the highest customer satisfaction among tablet purchasers, with over 74% of customers stating that they are “very satisfied” with the iPad 2, versus 54% for the Amazon Kindle, and 49% for other tablet devices.

Apple’s 20-point lead over the competition is mainly due to customer dislikes of other devices, such as the lack of a dedicated volume button, lack of camera, and shorter battery life on the Kindle Fire.

A second report addresses Apple’s customer service performance in the PC market in general, with the latest data from Vocallabs stating that even though Apple’s numbers have slipped slightly over the last 18 months, 54% are still “Very Satisfied’ with Apple’s telephone tech support, compared to HP’s 49 percent and Dell’s 44%.

Meanwhile, 56% of customers responded that they are “Very Satisfied” with Apple as a company, compared to Dell’s 47% and HP’s 43%. While Apple still needs to address their decline since June of 2010, it’s refreshing to see that they still carry the customer service mantle in the long run.

On the bright side, 72 percent of customers currently claim that they are “Very Satisfied” with the agent they spoke to when they called Apple’s customer service. All things considered, 83% of those surveyed said they would recommend Apple products, compared to Dell’s 68% and HP’s 66%, and 84% said they would purchase from Apple again.