Apple Reaches Settlement in Class Action iPhone 4 ‘Antennagate’ Suit

Apple Reaches Settlement in Class Action iPhone 4 ‘Antennagate’ Suit

A settlement has finally been reached in a class-action lawsuit against Apple over antenna issues with the iPhone 4, reports CNet. The settlement resulted from 18 separate lawsuits that were unified into one, and offers U.S. residents who purchased the iPhone 4 to either $15 in cash or a free Bumper case from Apple.

The lawsuits claim that Apple misrepresented the quality of the iPhone 4 antenna, which resulted in some people experiencing a reduced signal when holding the iPhone 4 in a certain way. Apple initially responded by  showing that the issue affected most mobile phones, and by offering a full refund to iPhone 4 purchasers, or a free Bumper case or third party case.

The Loop‘s Jim Dalrymple received a statement from Apple on the matter:

“This settlement relates to a small number of customers who indicated that they experienced antenna or reception issues with their iPhone 4 and didn’t want to take advantage of a free case from Apple while it was being offered in 2010,” Apple spokeswoman Natalie Harrison told me on Saturday.

iPhone 4 owners in the U.S. will receive an email by the end of April with details on how to make a claim.