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iPhone Meets Magic Mouse in New iPhone 5 Concept

iPhone Meets Magic Mouse in New iPhone 5 Concept

Italian studio CiccareseDesign has unveiled their latest iPhone 5 concept (via CultofMac), showing a device with a curved back and teardrop-shaped casing that bears a strong resemblance to Apple’s Magic Mouse.

While the design is simple and looks great, and would probably fit very well in your hand, I very much doubt as though Apple would even consider it. An iPhone that won’t rest well on a flat surface seems like a recipe for disaster for many users. The design also wouldn’t leave much room for the iPhone’s internals, especially the battery.

Nevertheless, it’s a very aesthetically attractive design, and the glowing logo looks amazing! Unfortunately, I doubt such a design would ever have much of a place in the real world, except sitting on a desk like the Magic Mouse that inspired it.

Although this design probably won’t make it to the real world, the iPhone 5 will probably feature some kind of a redesign – it would be very unusual for Apple to keep the same design for three consecutive generations of their device, especially a device like the iPhone.

You can check out more images of this concept over at CiccareseDesign.


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