Review: Brave Beak – Not Just Another ‘Angry Birds’ Clone

Review: Brave Beak – Not Just Another ‘Angry Birds’ Clone

When I first saw Brave Beak, my first reaction was, “Oh great, Angry Birds version 269!” As I played it though, I found that while it shares some elements of play with “Birds”, Brave Beak was not just another starling from the same old nest of slingshot game play.


The object of the game is explained quite well on its App Store page:

Join Brave Beak in his great adventures to save the missing Princess. Explore exotic environments, while fighting your way through flocks of birds and eating various items to recharge energy. Collect messages in bottles from players around the world and send your own to others. Unlock new levels by completing engaging missions and discover secret coins and hidden treasures.

Other than sports games, I am not a heavy video game player, but I found Brave Beak to be a good game type for me. I could pick it up when I had a spare minute, play a level or two, hit pause and go back to what I was previously doing. This is not to say the game isn’t engaging and enjoyable! When I had the time, I sat down and played it for hours. I was playing it when my editor sent me a message asking why I hadn’t written the review about it yet.

The game has many fun touches. The messages function is great, you can send and receive messages from other users who are playing the game. In the game, things like setting yourself up to be able to eat fish for extra energy is a nice touch.

But, you can’t hang around at water level too much either, as some of your goals during each level are found up in the sky! Diving through clouds, finding bottles in trees, looking for stars, and my personal favorite, riding the rainbows!┬áThere is plenty to be found near the ground, too! Eating fish, using jump ramps, knocking bottles out of tree branches, and bopping the pirate ships!

You have to watch the energy bar on the screen to make sure you don’t run out of energy. That’s where the eating of the fish and the riding rainbows comes in handy. Both of these give you more energy to continue the game. I enjoyed the rainbows. It was great fun to try and angle the arc of Brave Beak, so he could stay in the rainbow as long as possible. I have restarted levels just because I wasn’t happy with a fish or rainbow run.


This is an enjoyable game for children and adults alike. The levels are challenging, but not insanely difficult. The music is a blast. It has a great “Parrothead” like vibe.

While I haven’t saved the princess yet, I’m still trying. And isn’t that what a game like this is all about?

Price: Usually $0.99, it is free for a limited time. (App Store Link)

Rating: 4.5/5[rating:4.5]


  • The game play is engaging and challenging without giving you a headache.
  • The music is bouncy, and Jimmy Buffet-ish. It really helps you get into the game.
  • The messaging function is a great feature.
  • Riding rainbows, ’nuff said!


  • I wish the object of each level was explained at the beginning of the level. Although the game does note when you accomplish a goal.