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Review: Chee.rs for iOS – A ‘Like Button’ for the World Around You

Review: Chee.rs for iOS – A ‘Like Button’ for the World Around You

Did you ever like, love, or appreciate someone or something so much you just had to tell the world? Well, Chee.rs, the new app from developer gri.pe lets you do just that. By “cheering” something via the app, you let the world, or at least other Chee.rs users, know the appreciation you have for that certain person, place, or thing.


From the Chee.rs App Store product page:

Cheers is the “like button” for the world around you — a fun, social way of expressing love and appreciation for anyone, anything, anywhere, in less than 30 seconds.

Use Cheers to:
– Express appreciation for people, places or things that you love
– Share the good in your life and enjoy as others appreciate and reciprocate
– Connect with friends and interesting people through what they’re cheering
– Discover the new, unique or cheer-worthy stuff that’s happening all around you
– Gain Cheerfluence points as your cheers spread through others

When I first downloaded the app, I was at my favorite lunch spot here in Phoenix, Uncle Sam’s. The cheesesteaks here are amazing, and since I was looking for something to “cheer” in the new app, I decided, why not my favorite lunch hangout?

I selected “Place” from the main screen, selected “Uncle Sam’s” from the location list. (The app uses location services to allow you to easily enter where you are.) I took a photo of the inside of the restaurant using the provided camera feature, (the app also allows you to select a photo from your photo album on the device if you wish,) Entered a glowing comment, selected how I’d like to share my cheer, (Facebook, Twitter and email are the current options,) and posted my cheer. Within minutes, other Chee.rs users had “cheered” my cheer.

Chee.rs keeps track of what it calls your “cheerfluence”, which is a score based on how many times you’ve cheered, who has cheered your cheers, how many followers you have, how many friends you invite to Chee.rs, the list goes on…

I found myself leafing through Chee.rs just to see what other users liked or loved. The app has the capability to follow another user, and I followed quite a few other users in the first minutes of using the app just because I liked the same things they did, or even because they were just so darned enthusiastic about their cheers!


Chee.rs fills a need a lot of people may not even know they have, to express their feelings about things they like or love.

I fully expected to find the app inane and useless, but I found myself enjoying the interaction with other users. Even though it’s not a direct “chat” the comments you and others leave leads to a conversation of sorts.

Chee.rs is a fun app which can lead you in directions you wouldn’t have expected. I tried some new artists on my iPhone music app just because another user so enthusiastically raved about them, I also put a couple of extra movies in my Netflix queue just because of “cheers” on the app.

This is a great little app, and fun to use. The price is right too, (free,) so I’d suggest grabbing it from the App Store and giving it a trial run. It might just “cheer” you up!

Price: Free (App Store Link)



  • Easy to use, it doesn’t take more than 30 seconds to “cheer” anything.
  • The location services built in make it easy to enter a location if you want to cheer it.
  • It’s also easy to cheer a person if you already have them in your address book on the device.
  • The group of people on the app are overwhelmingly positive. I found myself smiling while reading cheers.


  • It would be nice if there were a direct private conversation mode between users. Conversations on the app are always public and through the comments areas.
  • When viewing the “popular” lists in the app I would periodically receive a “couldn’t connect” message. Could just be growing pains with the servers.