Review: GraviMaze – An Addicting And Challenging Gravity Puzzler

Review: GraviMaze – An Addicting And Challenging Gravity Puzzler

As far as puzzle games on iOS go, there are plenty to be had. Some are good, and others are not so  great. There are a few, though, that really stick out and turn out to be very addicting. GraviMaze ($0.99, App Store link) is one of them. Developed by Hart[Dev], GraviMaze does a fine job of being simple, yet at the same time, produces a lot of brain challenging levels.


The gameplay and controls are really simple, so anyone can jump right into the game. GraviMaze is a Mayan theme which uses gravity as the centerpiece of gameplay. One of the things that’s great about GraviMaze is that even though it’s a tilt based game, you don’t tilt your device itself, but instead use your finger to tilt the block towards the coins.

Using gravity as your aid, you collect treasure of the Mayan temples. There are 3 gold coins in each level as well as the silver coins you collect to pass the level. To get the most points, you have to collect the gold coins before the silver. Of course, the more coins you collect, the more points you get. One thing I noticed while playing GraviMaze is that the game doesn’t deduct or add points if you perform a certain amount of moves on any given level. Some people like this type of gameplay better, but it would have been nice to have an option to add the amount of moves you make to change the outcome of your score. I think it would have added a lot more replay value because a lot of people would want to make the least amount of moves possible.

There are a number of obstacles and traps, which stand in your way to beat each level. These make the gameplay a lot more challenging, and sometimes you have to use to your advantage to retrieve all the coins. There are also spikes and cement blocks in certain levels which can end the level if you fall onto them. Among the traps in GraviMaze, there are portals that you can use to get around the maze. This can be helpful at times, but I found a majority of the time when I swiped towards the portals, I got back right where I started, so it might get a bit aggravating, but it’s a fun addition nonetheless.


One thing about puzzle game that don’t stand out too much are the graphics. With GraviMaze that isn’t the case. All the worlds are vibrant, colorful and stand out visually well. There are a lot of textures in all the levels and the assets in the game that bring GraviMaze to life and make you feel like you’re really there right int the game. There are five different worlds in GraviMaze which have their own unique theme. Being that GraviMaze is a puzzle game, it’s nice to see a change of pace as far as graphics and level design go, just because most puzzle games tend to have the same level design throughout the whole game.


As soon as you start the game for the first time, you go right into the first level with no tutorial or hints. For the first few levels though, you have arrows on the screen directing you which way to swipe the puzzle. As I stated earlier, it would have been a cool added bonus if Hart[Dev] put in an option to be able to tilt your device instead. Although it would be ideal for an iPhone or iPod Touch, it would probably feel a bit of an overkill to tilt the whole time on an iPad. Any casual gamer can quickly learn how to play. The gravity adds a lot of challenging gameplay on top of the controls, so there is plenty of gameplay for the one buck that you’re pating for the game.


GraviMaze is one of the more challenging gravity puzzle games on the app store. For a puzzle game, Hart[Dev] has done a great job with the graphics. As you progress through the levels, they might get a little repetitive or frustrating for some, but GraviMaze is a great puzzle game that will keep you wanting more. As you get further into the game, it can get very rewarding, no matter if you play puzzle games all the time or not. GraviMaze has about a solid four hours of gameplay. All around it’s a solid game. This is a puzzle game you shouldn’t pass up.

Price: ($0.99, App Store link)

Rating:  4/5[rating:4]


  • Great controls
  • Fun and challenging levels
  • Nice Graphics


  • Tilt control would be a welcome addition
  • Some levels might be a bit difficult for casual gamers

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