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  • Review: Pet it Out – A Cute and Creative New Physics Puzzler for iOS

Review: Pet it Out – A Cute and Creative New Physics Puzzler for iOS

Review: Pet it Out – A Cute and Creative New Physics Puzzler for iOS

As physics-based puzzlers such as Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja, and Where’s my Water become increasingly common, it can be difficult for new games in the category to really stand out. After all, there’s only so much flicking, swishing, and water directing you can do before it becomes mundane. Fortunately,  a new game called Pet it Out (iPhone: $0.99, iPad: $1.99) has arrived to prove that there’s still some innovation to be seen.


Pet it Out is a brand new app, and the very first app created by developer Candango Games. I’ve been playing the game over the past several days, and have so far loved what I’ve seen – fresh, well-designed characters, 150 levels that are both compelling and challenging, and some unique twists on familiar physics-based gameplay. The game also connects to social networks to help you share your achievements with your friends.


The game uses a flip-based game mechanic, in which you fling one of 7 fairly adorably animals through a series of puzzles to help them escape from an intergalactic zoo and return home. This is done by helping your character get to a portal on each level, some of which muist be carefully turned on before they can be used. Along the way, your goal is to collect all 5 stars in each level as quickly as possible.

While flip-based game play has been done plenty of times, Pet it Out sets itself apart by bringing a different style of gameplay to each character. The game starts with one character, Ringo the frog, with a very simple single-flick that you’ve likely seen dozens of times, but each animal (which you unlock by completing levels) brings a unique skill, such as a mid-air jump, into the mix.

The only aspect of the game that I found frustrating was the difficulty of some of the levels. A single misstep can send your creature plummeting to its doom, which can make some levels extremely difficult to complete, as they require a great deal of skill and precision with each move.

Graphics and Sound

Just as interesting as the gameplay itself are the graphics, music and sound effects. The graphics are fun, detailed and well-polished, the game music is interesting and helps set the mood of the game, and the sound effects are purely delightful. You might find yourself flicking animals across the screen just to hear them hoot and holler!


Overall, I found Pet it Out to be a fun and unique twist on the physics puzzler. There’s also a solid amount of gameplay. The game features over 150 levels and 7 playable characters, and another 60 levels and 5 new characters are due to be added to the game in a future update.

For the meager price of $0.99 ($1.99 for iPad), I cannot help but recommend Pet it Out to anyone looking for a few hours of enjoyment. It’s a great game, and a solid value.

Rating & Conclusion

Rating: 4.5/5[rating:4.5]

Pet it Out was a pure delight. One of the funnest and most original games I have played in a while. I sincerely hope that Candango Games keeps up the good work and keeps cranking out games that are as fun and interesting as their first. Pet it Out is available now for the iPhone and iPod touch ($0.99, App Store link), as well as in an HD version for the iPad ($1.99, App Store link)


  • Extremely affordable, and a great value for the money
  • Excellent graphics and sound
  • Unique and interesting levels and gameplay


  • Some levels can be extremely difficult
  • Controls don’t always work perfectly

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