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Samsung Pokes Fun at Apple Fans (With a Stylus) in New Super Bowl Ad

Samsung Pokes Fun at Apple Fans (With a Stylus) in New Super Bowl Ad

Samsung aired the latest in their series of anti-Apple commercials during the Super Bowl yesterday, showing off their new Samsung Galaxy Note (complete with stylus) as the “next big thing.”

As with the previous ads in Samsung’s Apple-bashing series, the ad begins by showing Apple fans standing in line, while some random passerby wows them with Samsung’s latest device (which they referred to as the “next big thing”).

So, what’s so amazing, revolutionary, and earth-shaking about the Samsung Galaxy Note? A stylus. Yup. Just like a Palm Pilot. It’s a 5.3″ ergonomic nightmare of a device that is too large to be a smartphone, yet too small to be a tablet.

As Steve Jobs famously stated during the launch of the original iPad: “…if you see a stylus, they blew it”. But I suppose that’s all it takes to make Samsung scream and shout, accompanied by British rock band The Darkness.

Hey – at least they’re not copying Apple this time!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Much better then the apple adverts. 

  2. Dave Healey says:

    You kinda get the impression Samsung must have some really dumb exec’s letting this happen, its its going to do in the long run is damage their own business.
    Apple are quietly going about their business seeking to replace Samsung as a major supplier to the worlds largest company (Apple).

    At $425 Billion (and counting), Apple will have the last laugh here!!!

    When Smartphone saturation (based on Android) has occurred, all these companies will be fighting against themselves for market share. Price war and ever increasing royalty payments in the Android space will start eroding their profits. You only need to look how fragile this space is with big players like HTC, Motorola, LG etc already seeing disappointing results recently!!

    Apple is Samsung’s largest customer of component parts so this is really a smart move eh?

    Apple can replace Samsung, Samsung cannot replace Apple, so all I say to Samsung’s Exec’s is laugh it up boy’s and enjoy it while you can!! SMUCKS!!

  3. JG says:

    I swear Samsug’s commercials just get more and more ridiculous and and reek of more desperation with each new one.

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