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5 Things to Expect From The iPad 3

5 Things to Expect From The iPad 3

The iPad was a revolutionary device. The iPad 3 will likely be a subtle evolution of the iPad 2. While it won’t be a critical upgrade for iPad 2 users, it will feature significant improvements in key areas.

Here are 5 of the main things we will likely see in todays iPad announcement.

Improved Front & Rear Facing Camera

It’s widely predicted (and now assumed) that the iPad 2 will feature both front and rear facing cameras. Apple have pushed FaceTime quiet heavily in the last year and the new Macbook Pros had their iSight cameras upgraded to FaceTime HD Cameras.

Retina Display

It’s widely expected that Apple will include an ultra high resolution Retina display in the next iPad, allowing for truly stunning gaming, improved text clarity, and a sharper, clearer image in general.

Better Processor, More RAM

Rumors have gone back and forth over whether the iPad 3 will include a dual-core processor or a quad-core processor, but one things that almost everyone agrees on is that it will be a faster processor with improved integrated graphics. It’s also likely that Apple will increase the amount of RAM to 1GB, up from 512MB in the iPad 2

More Tapered (And Marginally Thicker) Design

All of the indications so far suggest that the iPad 2 will be marginally thicker than its predecessor. It’s not likely enough to make a significant difference, however. The body of the iPad 3 will also be slightly more tapered around the edges.

Something Completely Different

Apple likes surprises. I wouldn’t be surprised to see something exciting that isn’t already expected, such as haptic feedback in the display, or some fantastic new feature that hasn’t already been stewing in the big rumor melting pot.

Excited much? We sure are!