Fake Android Store in China Sells Genuine Apple iPhones and iPads

Fake Android Store in China Sells Genuine Apple iPhones and iPads

The Chinese are experts at creating fakes of anything. Coach bags, Gucci sweaters, iPhones, iPads, the list goes on and on. The last few years have even seen ersatz Apple Stores pop-up in China. Now, they’re even opening up fake Android stores. To sell real iPhones and iPads!

Buster Heine (love that name) for Cult of Android:

…We’ve even seen quite a few fake Apple Stores pop-up in China over the years. Some even looked like an exact replica of the real thing. Well now some clever Chinese citizens have moved on and are now opening up fake Android stores. The only problem is, Android phones don’t sell so well, so they sell genuine iPhones and iPads.

Recently Google opened up their first “Androidland” store in Melbourne, Australia. This apparently served as inspiration for the uber green store recently discovered in Nanping in Zhuhai, Guangdong province. While the store prominently features an Android logo, you can see a sign advertising the iPhone just outside the front door.

Along with the stock of genuine iPhones and iPads, the store also includes a variety of Android-based smartphones.

“Buster” predicts this certainly won’t be the last fake Android store we’ll see, and I agree. I’m also pretty certain the new stores will also sell genuine iPhones and iPads, because as stated in the above quote, by a Cult of Android writer, “Android phones don’t sell so well“.