Last-Minute iPad Event Predictions

Last-Minute iPad Event Predictions

The iPad 3 event is almost here – just one hour away! We’ve put together our last-minute predictions for what Apple will announce at the event. Take a look!


There’s a lot to expect. I’m hedging my bets that Apple will call their device the iPad 3. It will feature a Retina display, better cameras, and significantly improved processor and graphics. The iPad 2 will stick around, but only the 16GB model (or perhaps a new 8GB model), and will start at $400 or less. I also wouldn’t be surprised to see haptic feedback come to the iPad.

The Apple TV 3 will also make an appearance, with Bluetooth 4.0, 1080p output, better support for AirPlay mirroring from the iPad 3 and OS X Mountain Lion.

There will also be a brand new smart cover with rear coverage. Oh, and iOS 5.1 will almost certainly make an appearance.

I do not think there will be any mention of an Apple HDTV, and the iPad mini will be completely absent from all discussion (as it should be, in my opinion…)


Apple will introduce the iPad HD tomorrow, with better battery, faster processor, better camera, and of course, the retina screen.

In an effort to capture more of the budget tablet market, they will continue selling the iPad 2, as a 16 GB only model, at: $249.
I’m also about 60% leaning toward there will be a smaller iPad model introduced…

There will also be a new model of the Apple TV unveiled. It will be evolutionary, not revolutionary. Faster processor, able to handle 1080p video, might even be pocket sized…

I want to believe there will be a full-blown 50″ Apple TV announced, (mainly because I’ve been holding off buying a new TV for just this reason,) but I’m not feelin’ it.

The big “OH MY GOD!” moment. (Because the medicinal strength coffee I just drank is telling me it is so…): The unveiling of the iPhone 5! (Or the iPhone 4.5S, no stylus needed). Er…maybe not…


You always have to expect the unexpected from Apple. They surprised us with Mountain Lion a few weeks ago, and they could surprise us again in this keynote.

The iPad 3 or HD is the one thing we can be sure is happening, while many expect the Apple TV set top box to be updated. However, I think the iPad 3/HD, even with Retina display and other bonus features, is going to be minor compared to what else they are going to announce.

I reckon Apple will surprise and announce their mythical TV set today. Think about it, what point would there be in updating an Apple TV I’d you’re going to replace it several months later with a full TV set? If it is only an Apple TV box update, then we won’t be seeing the TV set for another year at least. That’s my reasoning.

There you have it. What about you? What do you expect?

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