New Apple Store in Houston Opening March 16th

New Apple Store in Houston Opening March 16th

Apple’s newest store in Houston is scheduled to open March 16th, The Houston Chronicle reports. This was revealed by a source involved in the opening, who also added that it could be delayed due to construction, however the source also added that an opening on March 16th had ‘pretty firm’ chances.

With release of the ‘iPad 3’ imminent, the Chronicle also speculated that the opening could coincide with the first sales day of Apple’s potential new device. March 17 was originally set as the original opening date, and the fact that it has been moved further suggests that the new iPad will be released on the 16th even though it is just speculation.

The store is located in the Highland Village Shopping Center, so it should attract plenty of customers, especially when it opens and for the release of the iPad 3. Considering these might be on the same day, it could get pretty busy!

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