Review: iBattz Mojo Removable Battery Case for iPhone 4/4S

Review: iBattz Mojo Removable Battery Case for iPhone 4/4S

iPhone battery cases are certainly nothing new – I’ve seen dozens of cases from various manufacturers, and for the most part, they’re really all the same. Sure, some have slight design advantages over others, but I have yet to see an iPhone battery case that does something radically different. The iBattz Mojo removable battery case aims to do just that.


The Mojo removable battery case looks ordinary enough at first glance, but iBattz has build in a unique (and very useful) innovation that really makes this particular case stand out: removable batteries.

Instead of relying on a charger for your power case on an extended trip, you can just bring a pack of extra batteries, and swap them right into the case for uninterrupted charging.


One of the first things I noticed when examining the case is that it’s very thin and light. Due to its swappable battery design, the iBattz Mojo is able to maintain a very thin build, while still packing 3000 mAh of power between its two batteries (enough for about one and a half iPhone charges).

While the case is thin and light overall, it’s alsoo durable, and built from solid materials. Despite its light weight and low profile, the Mojo is strong, and extremely capable protecting your iPhone from drops and dings. It’s not quite as strong as other battery cases that i’ve tested, but it’s definitely durable enough to protect your iPhone from minor trauma.

Another unique feature of the iBattz Mojo is that it features removable bumpers. This is great for several reasons. First, you can adjust the color of the trim on your case to suite your tastes – but it also makes the device easier to maintain. The bumper is the most likely piece to break on this case, and if it does, you can just install another bumper – no need to send it back for a replacement!


One concern that I came across is that the batteries cannot be charged independently. Unlike the Third Rail case, which offers a similar concept of modular, removable batteries, the batteries included with the iBattz Mojo cannot be charged via USB. There’s also no battery charger included in the case – so the only way to charge each battery is by placing it in the case to charge.

This can be a real inconvenience if you have multiple batteries that need charging. Including a separate battery charger, or the ability to charge the battery packs via USB, would make it much simpler to manage multiple packs. I also found that the indicator lights weren’t always accurate – the pack would run out of juice significantly before the case would lead you to believe.


Despite its faults, which will be relatively minor for many users, the iBattz Mojo packs serious value, coming in at just $79.99. That $80 gets you the case, a charging cable, and two 1500mAh battery packs, which is a very respectable value for the money.


The iBattz Mojo isn’t perfect, but it is a very unique idea – the first iPhone case I’ve dealt with that features internal removable batteries. It’s a great option for people who go on long trips – although due to the battery charging issue, it might not be as great for day-to-day dual-battery usage.

All things considered, the iBattz Mojo Removable Battery Case is a solid, well-designed, and innovative product, offers a solid value for the money, and is a great option for any user who needs to increase the battery life of their iPhone.

For more information, or to purchase the iBattz Mojo Removable Battery Case, head on over to the iBattz website! The case is also typically available on Amazon f0r between $45-$60.


  • Affordable
  • Lightweight and durable
  • More than doubles the battery capacity of an iPhone 4S
  • Durable enough to protect your iPhone from minor drops and bangs
  • Removable bumpers to customize the look
  • Includes multiple removable batteries


  • Does not include external battery charger, or ability to charge extra battery through USB
  • Indicator lights aren’t very reliable
  • Not as durable as other competing cases