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The iPod nano That Apple Should Have Built (Concept)

The iPod nano That Apple Should Have Built (Concept)

While many concepts have been tossed around for futuristic iPhones and iPads, and even an ultra-smart iWatch, the iPod nano doesn’t seem to get much love. Until today. Designer Enrico Penello has created what might be the most spectacular iPod nano concept ever seen (via CultofMac).

Penello’s concept is essentially a mashup of the iPod nano and the iPhone 4/4S as far as design elements go, and adds WiFi, FaceTime, and a limited number of apps (such as a weather app), as well as an iPhone-inspired home button. Apple has released rectangular models of the iPod nano before that are similar in shape to this concept, but Penello’s design is quite unique to anything Apple has ever produced.

The addition of WiFi seems a bit odd without a web browser, but I suppose it could come in handy for accessing music through iCloud. What I found interesting, though, is the lack of any mention of Bluetooth connectivity.

While Penello’s concept is pretty pie-in-the-sky, and would result in a much more expensive iPod nano, it’s also not as unrealistic as many dreamed-up Apple concepts, and I for one would be extremely excited to see this hit the shelves.

Check out the full gallery at Yanko Design.