Video Comparison: iPad 2 vs. The New iPad

Video Comparison: iPad 2 vs. The New iPad

As all Apple fans and enthusiasts know, the new iPad launched yesterday in several countries including the United States. I was able to pre-order mine and have it sitting at my doorstep waiting for my usage when I arrived home. It took me quite awhile to pump this video out, as everyone else wanted to get their own hands on it while I was filming! Nonetheless, here is the new iPad compared with the iPad 2 for your viewing pleasure.

The above video included a look at the front and back of both iPad’s. You’ll notice one of them has a bigger camera than the other and if you look closely, one of the iPad’s is actually slightly thicker.

With the new A5X chip in the new iPad, I expected it to be much faster than the iPad 2. Well, there was a substantial difference in loading web pages, but it did not make the biggest difference when loading memory intensive games.

While using the new iPad, I also noticed it got considerably warmer than the previous version. This did not just happen in the upper right corner, like previous reports said. It seemed to happen all over. Not that big of a deal, but still something to note.

The most new notable feature of the new iPad is obviously the retina display. I could see a difference right when I turned it on. There’s not much to say about it other than that it’s simply stunning. I can’t wait for more developers to convert their apps to retina standards.

Look out for my “evolution of iPad’s” video on Saturday or Sunday and then a full review of the new iPad sometime late next week.

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