Apple Beefs Up Security for Apple IDs

Apple Beefs Up Security for Apple IDs

Apple has begun tightening up security for Apple ID’s, with a pop-up in iOS asking users to select security questions, as well as to provide a backup email address to make things easier in case their account is compromised, or they forget their password.

TheNextWeb reports:

In the past 24 hours, Apple appears to have started prompting iOS devices owners and those with Apple IDs within iTunes to make their accounts more secure, requiring them to pick three security questions and enter their answers when they download a new app.

While the security improvements are actually a very good thing, Apple did not warn customers beforehand, leaving many confused. A number of users have even posted on Apple’s support forums, wondering if the security popups might be some type of phishing scam designed to steal their logins.

Apple, and specifically the iTunes Store, have long been a huge target for scammers, who use the accounts to purchase gift cards, buy their own apps and generate money, or download free music and other iTunes content, making the tightened security measures a necessity.

Still, it would have been better if Apple had warned users before blasting a popup to users’ iOS devices. Perhaps an email would have been in order?

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