Apple Offering Free Snow Leopard Upgrades to MobileMe Users

Apple Offering Free Snow Leopard Upgrades to MobileMe Users

Apple certainly seems committed to the future of their iCloud platform – they wants all of their customers to join the party. In fact, they’re doing everything they can to ensure that even users of older versions of OS X will upgrade to iCloud.

Apple is offering free OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard DVDs to MobileMe customers so that they can upgrade to OS X Lion and migrate their MobileMe accounts to iCloud. The offer comes by way of an email from Apple. Macgasm explains:

In an article sent to MobileMe customers, Apple has recommended that potential customers get in touch with Apple to receive a free DVD of Snow Leopard so that users can upgrade to Lion, and move to iCloud. All you have to do is follow this link, log in to MobileMe with your Mobile Me account, and fill out your mailing information. Apple will then send you a Snow Leopard DVD for free.

It’s unclear whether Apple will offer free Snow Leopard upgrades to all of their customers, or if they are specifically targeting MobileMe customers, but it seems to me that giving all previous OS X users the chance to upgrade to Snow Leopard (and then to Lion through the Mac App Store) would be a fantastic way to boost adoption of iCloud.

In fact, if Apple really wanted to drive people toward iCloud, sweetening the pot with a free Mac App Store redeem code for Lion certainly wouldn’t hurt either!

What about you? Are you a MobileMe user? Have you received this email from Apple? And if so, is that enough for you to update to Lion and migrate to iCloud?