Apple Reveals New Features Coming to Final Cut Pro X

Apple Reveals New Features Coming to Final Cut Pro X

In a meeting with video trainer Larry Jordan at the National Association of Broadcasters’ meeting (NAB), Apple shared many of their plans for Final Cut Pro X (via The Loop), revealing new features that will be coming to the app sometime this year, as well as some relatively light details surrounding those features:

Apple began providing “advanced looks” as part of the roll-out to the launch of FCP X and wanted to continue letting us know what’s coming. (I think this is a great idea, because it helps us plan.)

Here are the bullet points (none of this was demoed):

– Multichannel Audio Editing Tools
– Dual Viewers
– MXF Plug-in Support
– RED camera support

Apple also mentioned that these would not be the only features announced this year. Apple previously used NAB to introduce Final Cut Pro X last year, but does not traditionally participate or get involved in the event.

More details on the new features can be found over at Larry Jordan’s blog.r

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