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Apple Store Kids’ Table Ditches iMacs in Favor of iPads

Apple Store Kids’ Table Ditches iMacs in Favor of iPads

It appears Apple is doing something new for the kiddies in their Apple Retail Stores. It’s replacing the iMacs that have long been a staple for the “kid’s table” in the stores with iPads.


Like the previous iMacs, which were set up with educational and game programs, the iPads had a variety of child-friendly apps. I’m not sure exactly when this happened, but I noticed it for the first time today when I visited my local store to pick up a repaired Mac. My 3 years godson, who was with me, took only a couple of moments to adjust and then launched a book app and got to playing, just as he does at home. It was much easier for him to find an app and use the iPad then it had ever been to handle the iMac and mouse, so that was a huge win.

Apple has previously replaced their in-store display cards with iPads, and the MacBooks at the Genius Bars have also been replaced by the devices. Concierges have long used the iPad to check customers in for Genius Bar appointments and training session.

I always enjoyed watching the kids play with the iMacs when I worked at the Apple Store, their parents would sit them down at the table, and the kids would immediately grab the mouse, click a game and start playing. I can imagine how the kids react now. Apple is truly grooming their future generations of customers. Another indicator that Apple will be around long after most of us have shuffled off into the void.



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