iOS-Inspired iPhoto ’12 Coming This Summer?

iOS-Inspired iPhoto ’12 Coming This Summer?

Apple’s official apps and OS X have been gradually adopting elements on iOS for some while now, and according to Belgian website Apple Weetjes (via AppleInsider), the next major Apple app to become more iOS-like will be iPhoto.

According to the report, iPhoto ’12 is due out sometime this summer, and will gain a redesigned photo retouching system inspired by the iOS version, as well as support for photo journals, and will require OS X Lion or Mountain Lion, dropping support for Snow Leopard.

It seems to go without saying that Apple is trying to bring more elements from iOS into OS X, and even designing their Mac apps to be more similar to iOS apps – one of the main points of the new Full-Screen Mode in OS X Lion.

Still, Apple Weetjes doesn’t have a verifiable track record when it comes to Apple rumors, so it’s worth taking this rumor at face value – but iPhoto is due for an update, and with the release of Mountain Lion set for this summer, I would not be at all surprised to see this rumor become reality.



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