MAD Magazine Comes to the iPad

MAD Magazine Comes to the iPad

Quirky comedy fans rejoice! MAD Magazine, the original offbeat humor publication, is finally available for iPad through the App Store, allowing you to purchase current issues for $4.99, back issues for $1.99, or subscribe to the magazine for $9.99 per year.

The MAD Magazine app offers all of the humor, stupidity and satire of the magazine – with none of the looming threat of paper cuts! […] Each issue of MAD features new, cutting edge parodies of pop culture, movie and TV shows, politics, sports and more – as well as classic MAD features like Al Jaffee’s Fold-In, Sergio Aragaonés’ “A MAD Look At…”, and Spy vs. Spy. You’ll also get new features like The MAD Strip Club, The Fundalini Pages, and Planet Tad. The MAD app: There’s no better way to tell the world, “I have an iPad and I’m not afraid to squander its potential!”

A MAD subscription includes one issue every two months, automatically billed to your iTunes account. I dunno about you, but I’m pretty excited! Head on over to the Ap Store and download the app now (free, App Store link)!



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