OS X Lion’s User Numbers Quickly Catching Up To Snow Leopard

OS X Lion’s User Numbers Quickly Catching Up To Snow Leopard

OS X Lion has practically caught up Snow Leopard in terms of user numbers over the month of March, MacGeneration reports. These figures from Net Applications show that while Snow Leopard still has the majority of users with 42.64%, Lion is catching up fast with 39.6%.

If things keep going at the same pace, Lion should overtake Snow Leopard by the end of the spring, just in time for the release of Mountain Lion in the summer. It’s also worth noting that Leopard still has a 13.5% user base, so it hasn’t been completely dropped.

  1. Brian Marsh says:

    older systems (10.4 & earlier) are likely higher numbers in actual use, just not used as much online due to browser issues.

  2. DieRealFledermaus says:

    New Macs come with Lion installed and will not run prior versions of OS X. Macs are selling better than any of their competitors. Considering those two facts, it’d be remarkable if Lion were NOT overtaking 10.6.

  3. mgbmdmph says:

    Well, I installed Lion on my MacBook Pro and was so disgusted by how Apple had dumbed down its OS that I reinstalled Snow Leopard. I realize that my days are numbered, but I hope that Mountain Lion will integrate the Mac OS with iOS more gracefully than Lion has.

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