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Playa – The World’s First Condom-Carrying iPhone Case (WTF?)

Playa – The World’s First Condom-Carrying iPhone Case (WTF?)

I’ve seen a lot of iPhone cases. In fact, I thought I’d seen just about every idea for an iPhone case under the sun – but I’ve never seen a case like the Playa before (via Gizmodo). Created by the minds behind the Opena beer-opening iPhone case comes the first ever iPhone case with a built-in condom holder. Seriously.

The case looks normal and innocent enough when it is closed, but once that back panel slides open, every bit of optimistic “I hope I get lucky” over-eagerness that this case embodies comes right out into the open. Nothing screams desperation like a condom-carrying iPhone case.

Now, don’t get me wrong – carrying a condom can be a great way to be prepared for whatever comes your way – but pulling a condom out of your iPhone case is unlikely to make a strong impression. If you must use the Playa, at least don’t let your partner see you open it.

The Playa case is expected to go on sale this summer for just $30. Check out the Opena website for more information, and feel free to enjoy the humorous NSFW plug for the case embedded below:


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