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Q&A With Josh Presseisen of Crescent Moon Games

Q&A With Josh Presseisen of Crescent Moon Games

We recently caught up with Josh Presseisen, Founder and Creative Director of Crescent Moon Games, and asked him a few questions about Crescent Moon and the popular games they have created, including Aralon: Sword and Shadow, and Paper Monsters, which we recently reviewed.

What was your inspiration for creating Paper Monsters. What motivated you?
Paper Monsters was started as a platformer by developer Robots vs. Wizards. Crescent Moon got involved because we saw the potential of having a beautiful 2.5d platformer on the iOS – something that hadn’t really been realized before.

How is business in general?

Business is great. We are adding more games than we ever have, and people seem to really be recognizing the Crescent Moon name. We were just nominated by Pocket Gamer as best publisher of the year, which is quite something. 
Are you working on many other apps? Anything interesting in the works?
We have been working on a lot of other apps behind the scenes  – Topia, which is a world sim type game with cool animal herding, Ravensword 2, the follow up to the big open world RPG that was a big hit on the iPhone,  and various other secret games that we can’t mention.
What has been your biggest success so far?
Aralon: Sword and Shadow was a really big hit for us, and Paper Monsters is certainly up and coming on our big downloads list.
And your biggest obstacle?
Biggest obstacle is managing so many games as a single person publisher. I may need to hire more people on that end. The amount of people I need to communicate with daily has gotten extreme.
And advice you’d give to other app developers, or people who’d like to get started?
Go big – it’s the only way. Push yourself to do better and try new things. I think if you want to get noticed, that is the only way to go.
Where do you see your company in the next 2 years?
I see us doing a lot of great games in the next 2 years, and continue to innovate on the mobile platform. I’ve still got plenty of ideas for great games that should keep us busy into the future. 
Anything else you’d like to add?
It was a pleasure to be interviewed by you! 

If you’re looking for some great games, or want to learn more about Crescent Games, check out their official web site!